Are you living in an area, which gets profoundly affected by hurricane season, because of which people face a lot of problems. If yes, then you might have heard about impact windows, and you also must be using it for protection and precaution purpose.

But those who are not aware of impact windows and don’t know what they are made for. This article is entirely for them as in this article, we will discuss everything about impact windows.

What are impact windows?

Impact windows are a type of windows with the help of which you can get rid of various problems faced during the hurricane season. As the names suggest impact, these windows are made to absorb the impact of the chaos going outside your home, office, or building.

There are several variations in which impact windows come, such as:

  • Impact windows are made up of various materials, some of those materials are as follows-
    • Highly durable glass
    • Stormproof plastic panels
    • Flexible plastic sheets for better absorption
  • You can install in two ways-
    • Permanently
    • Temporary

Uses of Impact windows-

Most of the people think that impact windows are used for hurricane storm protection only, but you get a wide variety of uses with the help of such windows, those uses are as follows-

  • The first and most important use for which these impact windows were made, those were to get rid of all the problems faced during a hurricane season, with the help of which the person inside a home, office or building does not get affected by outside chaos if impact windows are installed on those places.
  • The second use of impact windows is that it also helps in noise reduction, so you will never be disturbed by the outside noise if impact windows are installed in your place.
    These windows are not only built for use in home, office, or building. But they are also being used in the creation of windshields of cars and various aircraft.
  • The third significant use of impact windows is that it protects you and your loved ones from the harmful UV rays. Some places, which are in the direct impact of high UV rays, these impact windows have become mandatory to install in the houses, buildings of those places.
  • The fourth important feature of impact windows is that it looks better than other hurricane season alternatives. Some other alternatives are aluminum windows, which were directly covered, and you were not able to see through them. But it’s not the case with these impact windows.