Impact windows are the things that are being talked about the most; many people have several questions regarding impact windows and their uses in hurricane seasons; several people have queries regarding it.

So with the help of this article, I am going to discuss some of the most asked questions regarding impact windows and will try to answer them all. So without taking much time, let us directly head towards the questioning round.

Things to know about impact windows-

These are some of the most asked questions about impact windows.

  • What is impact windows and doors?

    The first and most asked question about impact windows is that what it is? This is because such windows are mostly used at the places where people have to face the most hurricane seasons, so it’s not used all over the world, because of which people are not aware of impact windows.

    Impact windows are not like the ordinary windows; they have three different layers while the regular glasses have a single layer. The triple layers setup of impact windows is as follows-

    The first layer is of highly durably tough glass, after which the second layer is of the laminate after which then again there is a highly durable sturdy glass same as the previous one. This triple-layer setup makes it very strong and hence because of this setup it can provide you protection against all the odds of hurricane seasons.

  • Different types of impact windows?
    There are two types of impact windows, which are as follows-

    • The first type of impact windows is a shatterproof window, which is wholly made up of flexible plastic and does not gets shattered no matter whatever hits him.

      The reasons because of which it never shatter are the flexible plastic it is made up of.

    • The second type of impact windows is the triple layer highly durable window. This type of window contains two highly durable and robust glasses inside which a layer of laminate is installed.

    If you don’t want to see through the window, then you can go for the first type of impact windows, while if you want to provide the same glassy look to your window, then you should go for the second type.

These were some of the most important and asked questions about impact windows; there are several impact windows designs from which you can choose the best one for yourself and can stay protected in your home, office or building from the hurricane season.