Everyone must have heard about impact or hurricane windows, but have you ever heard about PGT windows? If no, then with the help of this article, we are going to discuss everything about PGT windows and their relation with hurricane seasons.

If you want to know about them, then do follow this article till the end.

What are PGT windows?

So mainly PGT windows are not a type of windows, but it’s the name of an impact windows manufacturing company, this is a Florida impact windows production company.

This is one of the best manufacturing company, which is highly famous for its hurricane windows. With the help of this article, let us discuss everything about hurricane seasons, impact windows and PGT windows manufacturers.

As I mentioned above that PGT windows is a Florida impact windows manufacturing company, and if you are from South Florida, then you must have heard about this company for sure.

This company offers you a variety of hurricane windows, which are as follows:

  • WinGuard Vinyl 500 Series
  • WinGuard Aluminum 700 Series
  • SpectraGuard 2300 Series
  • PremierVue 2700 Series
  • PGT Vinyl 2100 Series
  • PGT Vinyl 2200 Series
  • PGT Vinyl 400 Series
  • PGT Aluminum 200 Series
  • PGT Aluminum 600 Series
  • Architectural Systems 300 Series
  • Architectural Systems 3500 Series
  • Architectural Systems 800 Series

As PGT windows are one of the most famous, so it is quite expensive than other companies while on the other hand it also offers several windows styles and guarantees you the best quality product. Here is the list of some windows style PGT windows manufacturers provide you.

  • The first in the list is this PGT casement windows, which is a type of single-pane window, the most crucial point of this type of window is that it offers you a very robust kind of shape and design and on the same time it also offers maximum ventilation options too.
  • The next in the list is PGT single hung windows, which has two different same shaped windows placed in a vertical line. In this type of window style, you will notice that the above window is unmovable while the below one is moveable and with the help of which passage of air can take place.
  • The third window style is PGT awning windows are the type of windows, which opens outward and are same as casement windows style.

This was all about PGT windows manufactures, which are known as one of the best impact windows manufacturers present in Florida.