If you live in an area where hurricanes hit every year and if this year you don’t want you and your family to stuck in this problem then start preparing for it before the hurricane comes.

But how can do you that? If you want to prepare for hurricane season, then do follow this article till the end as we are going to discuss the most important things that you should do before a hurricane season storm hits your place.

Things to do before a hurricane season storm-

  • As you all must be knowing that whenever such a situation like a hurricane storm comes, at that time, the safest place we think is our home and nothing else. But is our home the most reliable?

    Actually no, so to make your home the safest place you need to do one thing, which is to change the windows of your home. You need to go for highly durable impact windows, which will help your home to get rid of any breakage of windows and hence no outside thing would be able to enter your home.

  • You need to have a proper plan so that whenever a hurricane comes, you can execute it and make you are your family safe. Moreover, it is suggested that you should create two different plans, so that if plan A does not work, then you can execute plan B and save your family from hurricane storm.
  • Park all those outdoor things that you think can be blown with the high flowing winds of a hurricane. This would be only possible if you can get that a hurricane will hit your area. So for knowing about that, you should stay aware of all such news, and whenever there is some news which states about chances of having a hurricane, you should start working on these small precautions.
  • Most important have some amount of cash with yourself, as when a hurricane comes at that time, some people are unable to fetch cash which is one of the most important things. Because without cash, you would not be able to help yourself and your family at all.
  • Keep your car filled with oil and gas, so that whenever news regarding leaving your place comes, you can change or move out of that place easily without thinking anything.
  • Make a survival kit, in which you can keep essential food items, medicines, cash and many such things, which could help you during hurricane storm.