Several people still do not know about impact windows, which is one of the most significant precautions from problems faced during hurricane seasons. Moreover, those who know about impact windows are having several questions regarding it.

So with the help of this article, let us have a look at the questions people ask about impact windows and let’s make people aware of these impact windows and their working.

Things People ask about Impact Windows-

Here is the list of questions people ask about impact windows-

  • Various Styles of Impact Windows?

    There are several styles in which you can get impact windows and doors. Some of those styles are hung windows, roller windows, projected windows, architectural windows, sliding windows and many more.

    It is noticed that those styles that come under simple windows and doors, all are available under impact windows styles also.

  • What are ENERGY STAR qualified impact windows?

    As you might know that when there’s a hurricane at that time temperature decreases and you need to find some warm material to get rid of the cold. So to solve this problem, many impact windows production companies are providing ENERGY STAR qualified impact windows.

    Which means if an impact window is qualified, then it has a feature to keep the inside of a home or closed place warmer than the outside temperature. This is because such qualified windows have several coatings on them, with the help of which the heat is not able to move out of that place, and people inside the room or house stays warm.

  • What are Low-E impact windows?

    Under Low-E impact, various impact windows manufacturers are adding a very thin layer of the metallic material, which is coated all over the impact windows. The primary usage of this metallic coating is that it helps in maintaining a normal temperature with the help of which people who are living inside the home or a particular closed place, can live normally and they don’t have to face any problem related to temperature.

    It automatically adjusts the inner temperature depending upon the outside temperature.

  • Are impact windows helpful?

    Yes, if your home, office or building is completely covered with impact windows or impact windows are installed then you are safe from any outside problem related to a hurricane.

    It is extensively used in areas, which are known as prone to hurricane zones.