I have come across several people who think that investing in impact windows are not at all useful and is a complete wastage of money. Hence they prefer simple windows more than impact windows.

Moreover, they also think that simple windows are more durable and provide better protection in cases such as hurricane seasons and storms. But it is not the case, as impact windows are specially designed for the use in hurricane season and provide better protection.

If you still do not believe me, then do follow this differentiation article regarding simple windows and impact windows. With which I am sure that you will rid of the confusion you have.

Difference between impact and simple windows-

Let us first have a look at the features and functions of impact windows-

  • Impact Windows-
    • The impact windows are made for getting rid of all the problems people face in hurricane-affected areas. These windows provide extra protection than a simple window. Moreover in the case of a simple window you will notice that there’s only one slim layer of glass, but in the case of impact windows design you will see that there are total of two layers of tough glass in which you are offered a laminate interlayer which provides triple the protection you get with a simple windows.
    • Impact windows also help in noise reduction processes, so those who do not want any disturbance in their home, they can go for these windows.

      These windows offer noise reduction because during a hurricane season you also face high sound of windows and things getting hit by your home and windows, so to get rid of that problem the company makes these windows with noise reduction feature.

    • Impact windows also help and protect your family from getting rid of the harmful UV rays.
    • These windows are quite costly than simple windows, as I am sure that by noticing the above points you might have got that why are impact windows expensive.
  • Simple Windows-
    • These windows protect your house from not letting dirt particles with the help of winds to get inside your home, office, or building.
    • These windows are made up from a slim layer of glass and are not highly durable; they can get broken if some all with some high speed hits them.
    • They are not at all expensive as compared to impact windows.
    • Some simple glasses have protection from harmful UV rays.