When my friends from out of state say they are coming to Florida, very often they want to come during the summer. After all, that’s when the kids are out of school and they are planning summer vacation trips. If they have not been to Florida before, they are sometimes surprised when I tell them not to come! If our visitors are not accustomed to our heat and humidity, it can be very hard on them physically. Trying to visit our major theme parks during the summer – well, I’ve always avoided it but I imagine it must be brutal, especially with small, cranky children.

Floridians don’t venture out much in the summer. It’s our little secret. But when winter comes, we know this is our time to get out and travel!

I’ve always greatly enjoyed a long walk along one of our spectacular beaches and in winter or early spring, this walk is usually accompanied by a brisk and steady north wind. Sometimes when things get a little too brisk, our tropical plants can take a beating. Have you ever noticed some of our more delicate trees freeze on the north size when temperatures drop during a period of heavy north winds? You get a tree that’s healthy on the south side and frozen and leafless on the north.

Which is a long roundabout way of saying that Florida does get its share of cold, windy weather! And this is another great reason to invest in our top-of-the-line hurricane replacement windows.

If you’ve been reading these blogs all along, then you know how they protect Florida homes from hurricane force winds and water or debris driven by those winds. But the PGT Industries windows we recommend, the WinGuard and PremierVue lines, also protect from those cold winter and spring winds.

I was once visiting a friend who had a waterfront condominium in Pinellas County. It was one of those time periods where we had a sustained cold, north wind. I could hear the wind whistling as it leaked through his sliding glass doors on the north side of the building. And of course, that room was cold.

The WinGuard windows not only seal out the wind but also give you excellent thermal protection. In other words, you are protected from the transmission of cold through the glass itself. The PremierVue line gives you the very best in thermal protection.

We get pretty used to tolerating our long, humid summers but I just thought I would remind you that even in our winters, the hurricane replacement windows and doors we install provide greater comfort and energy savings.

As I write this, we’ve got a National Weather Service warning throughout the area for strong winds with even stronger gusts. I know our PGT Industries windows and doors would prevent the kinds of leaks my friend experienced in his condominium.

If I can help you plan this improvement in comfort and energy savings in your home, please give me a call.