Installation Superiority

Your new windows and doors will only perform as well as they are installed. Along Florida’s coastal counties, proper installation with quality materials is a vital part of achieving the protection from water and wind you are looking for.

There are companies in Florida that cut corners on quality to give you a lower quote or gain a little more profit for themselves. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of installation. We have an excellent reputation with builders and homeowners in this area and our intention is to keep that reputation spotless. One of the most important ways we protect our good name is by giving you superior service.

How do we achieve our superior level of service? Our installers are all manufacturer trained and certified and are fully insured employees of Clear Choice Windows and More. We will only recommend and install the best windows and doors that fully meet the requirements for “coastal products.” We will use superior quality materials, all the way down the screws, insulation and caulk we choose. And we guarantee our work, 100%.

We enjoy what we do and we know you will enjoy your new windows and doors for years, maybe even decades. That motivates us to do our best on every single job.

Our Labor Guarantee

We guarantee our installation for as long as you own your home – and you can even transfer that warranty to the next homeowner!

What About Installation in Older Homes?

If you have a home built before 1978, the Environmental Protection Agency requires that your paint be tested for lead before replacing any windows or doors. If lead is present, then very exact procedures must be followed to eliminate any health threats that might result from the disturbance of that paint. We are fully qualified to relieve you of any concerns in this area!

Clear Choice Windows and More has been certified by the EPA to test your home for lead paint and utilize the correct procedures when replacing your windows or doors to protect your family. We have the tools, the resources and the training to do the job right.

Clear Choice Windows Service Van