Last week, I told you a little about the glass in the windows we install for those who want the best in hurricane and storm protection. Of course, once you get storm protection, you also get protection from intrusion and thermal changes along with it. This week, I thought I would give you a little more information about the glass.

I mentioned that the glass used in our recommended PGT Industries windows is thicker than average and that it goes through a three-step treatment to make it stronger, less likely to break and unlikely to harm anyone if it does crack during a storm or intrusion attempt.

The glass in these windows is also laminated. If you’re not familiar with this word, it means to apply a layer of protective material to a flat surface. In most cases, it’s a sheet of plastic, like the covering of an ID badge. In this case, laminating means to place a strong layer of transparent material between two sheets of glass.

There’s also laminated insulating glass. This glass is made by first placing the clear layer between two sheets of glass and then adding a third sheet of glass with an air layer between it and those other two sheets. This air layer prevents the transmission of heat and cold through the glass.

All the glass in our PGT Industries windows are either laminated or laminated insulating glass.

Of course, the frames in our windows must also be particularly strong or the glass could be blown out by high winds. The locks on windows are also heavy duty to keep the windows shut despite attempts by storms or people to open them. You may know that the Florida building codes started getting much stricter after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. They have gone through a number of revisions since then, most recently in 2010. If there’s anything we and other Florida construction companies know about, it’s constructing buildings to withstand wind and heavy rain.

At Clear Choice Windows and More, we keep up with all these building code changes. We don’t ever try to circumvent the codes or cut corners, so we just barely stay within the law. That’s not our style and we also know you don’t get your best protection this way. We install our windows and doors in accordance with the manufacturer instructions. And we only pick the best manufacturers – one we know we can fully count on.

When we come out to install your new windows, doors or other storm covering, we want you to feel that you have invested in enhancements that will keep you safe. Therefore, we will go out of our way if it’s needed to give you the right job, on time and conforming to the quote we gave you.

There are certain industries people have to be able to count on. For example, you need to be able to count on doctors and airline pilots. Your life is in their hands. We want people to feel like they can count on us because one day, their lives really could be in our hands if a severe storm ever hits their neighborhood. Our customers give careful thought to this investment and we have no intention of disappointing them. We will install only the best products on the market and use the correct techniques to install them. Every time.