When you decide to get new windows to protect your home from the fury of Florida’s storms, you probably already realize that the glass is an essential component of your protection. Every part of these windows must be specially strong to hold up to high winds and driven water, but the glass is especially critical.

We usually think of glass as being fragile and easy to break, but this glass holds up to the impact of a 2 x 4 board fired from a cannon. This is the test required for a hurricane replacement window to ensure it is strong enough to withstand the impact of debris flying around your yard during a hurricane or tropical storm. Any window will crack under this impact but they must not breach if it is to meet our standards.

Would you like to see a very short video of this test taking place? You can see that here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCHtON-BQsE

The glass in the different lines of hurricane replacement windows that we recommend from PGT Industries meets very high standards of strength. This glass is a minimum of 1/8″ thick. For the doors we supply, the glass is a minimum of 3/16″ thick. This type of thicker glass is available for our windows as well.

Some door and window manufacturers still use glass that is only 3/32″ thick.

Our glass goes through a three-step heating and cooling process to make it much stronger and to cause it to break into small pieces that are much less likely to cause any harm if they should get loose from the window frame. This triple-step heat process turns each pane into safety glass, the same as the glass in cars. You may have seen how this glass breaks into small pieces that are less dangerous than long shards of glass. If you are interested in learning more about this process, you can read the descriptions of the three-step process on the PGT Industries website, starting here: http://www.pgtindustries.com/glass_zone/list/annealed.

Not only do you get this stronger glass in your new windows, you have a choice of tints. You can get clear, azure, bronze, gray, green or obscure for privacy. If you also choose to get the Low E option, (for low emission, or transmission of heat or cold through the glass) you can reduce the amount of thermal loss through your windows and doors, which helps you achieve greater savings on your utility bills.

As the technology of making glass stronger has advanced, and as engineers come up with more ways of preventing damage to your home, you are the one who benefits. You have a home that is more secure from damage by storms or attempted intrusion. And one that protects also against our fierce summer heat and sunlight.

We welcome the opportunity to come by and show you the glass and the superior construction of the windows we offer. To learn what these windows offer you and your family, just call us to schedule a visit. We emphasize education in these visits. We want you to understand the product before you make this investment. We look forward to seeing you soon.