Have you ever read the Farmer’s Almanac? This is a book that predicts weather patterns for the whole upcoming year. This book is published annually and has served as a guide to planting and harvesting for farmers since 1818. The company that publishes this guide says that their methods of predicting weather are top secret but in recent years, they have incorporated modern resources like 30-year national temperature averages and a study of recent weather patterns into their calculations.

For late December, the Almanac predicts cold, blustery winds and scattered rain and wind in January. In early February, however, the book predicts another one of those cold snaps dipping low into the Gulf Coast, like the one we had a month or so ago. Florida will see some frosts – well, at least according to the Almanac.

That’s when you would be happy to have our hurricane replacement windows installed. Instead of having cold air creeping through leaky windows or sliding glass doors, you can keep all the frosty weather outside. This single change can make a noticeable change in your utility bills.

Kevin and Michelle in St. Petersburg told us, “Our utility bill is down more than 20% over last year with the old windows.” Another client told us that on the coldest day of the year, his heater never even came on.

Remember too, when spring comes to Florida, those north winds keep things chilly sometimes for weeks and that wind combined with leaky windows can make for a drafty, uncomfortable home.

New replacement windows are a great investment in your comfort, your savings and your peace of mind. This investment will provide returns every day of the year for decades to come.

We specialize in making this process easy for our customers. We don’t expect our prospective customers to know about hurricane replacement windows before we arrive to explain our products. We will bring samples of windows to show you how the best windows are built and how they keep your home safe from hurricane-force winds, driven water, heat, cold and intrusion. That’s a lot of benefit!

One of our customers described the sales process like this: “When (the salesperson) showed up toting lots of stuff, I figured I was really in for it. It didn’t take long to realize that I was getting an education, not a sales pitch. The sales person was thorough, pleasant and informative. He made it clear he wanted me to be able to make an informed decision about my purchase. When he finished, I was sure I was getting the best possible product from a quality company.”

You can read these and many other stories on our website. Just visit this page: http://www.clearchoicewindows.com/testimonials/

We know that making improvements in your home can be a difficult process sometimes and we aim to make getting your new windows a painless, even pleasant experience. Give us a chance to show you our products and explain how they can help keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. But hurry – according to the Farmer’s Almanac, you don’t have long before we experience those cold snaps in early February!