Well, Florida has dodged the hurricane bullet one more time. Not one hurricane made landfall in Florida this season.

It’s been nine years since we had severe hurricanes hit us, but of course, some areas have not been as lucky, like New Jersey and New York’s damage from Hurricane Sandy a couple of years ago. We’ve had stretches of five years before where we didn’t have any severe storms but this is the longest hurricane “drought” since 1851. The last storm to batter the state was Hurricane Wilma that struck on October 24, 2005.

This year, there were eight named storms, six of them were hurricanes. Only two of them were Category 3 or higher.

Some people have pointed out that since 2005, a million more people have moved to Florida. That means a million people who may never have experienced this kind of storm. They may not realize the preparations that are needed to protect life and possessions.

On the other hand, after nine years without a serious storm, even longtime Floridians may have forgotten what it’s like to have your windows caved in by debris! It would be a serious mistake to get too comfortable and forget about protecting your home.

Not everyone wants to line up at the hardware store and purchase a dozen or more sheets of plywood and then take them home and hang them over the windows. Not everyone wants to (or is even able to) get those sheets up and take them down by themselves and store them for next time. That’s why we offer a variety of window and door coverings.

We know that even if they wanted to invest in our durable, hurricane resistant windows and doors, some people don’t have the funds. That’s why we also offer a variety of other products that will serve you well.

We have Astroflex and Astroguard Hurricane Fabric window and door coverings. These can be used for individual windows or whole banks of windows. They can also be used to cover alcoves opening onto patios or other outdoor areas. Some large condominium or office buildings use huge sheets of this fabric to cover large glass areas on their buildings. You can see examples of this covering in use by visiting this page our website: http://www.clearchoicewindows.com/products-page/storm-coverings/astroflex-hurricane-fabric/#/.

Another option we offer is ClearGuard Hurricane Panels. These are very lightweight but very strong polycarbonate. Their corrugated appearance gives them even more strength. But they are so easy to install that just about anyone can lift them into place and take them down. They will take up very little space in storage, too. The great thing about these panels is that if one storm is followed by another, you don’t have to take them down to have light in your home. They are clear and so will make little difference in the light in your home.

The last option we offer is the most economical but still exceeds building codes for hurricane protection. That’s our ValueGuard storm coverings. Lightweight like the ClearGuard panels but they are opaque white. You will still get light into your home while you wait out a storm.

We’re at the end of the hurricane season but it would be a good time to get an installation before next year’s season arrives. And if you opt for our top of the line PGT PremierVue or WinGuard windows, you’ll also get thermal protection against the cold north winds that blow through Florida in the winter and spring.