If you’ve been reading these blogs, then you may have seen me mention Angie’s List before. Angie’s List goes to great lengths to be impartial but they have wound up being one of our best supporters. If you look at our listing on Angie’s List, you’ll see that we maintain an “A” rating with her site. We also have 180 reviews of our service. Imagine how much work it would take to call around and get 180 people to tell you if they liked our work – it would be impossible! This is the great service that Angie’s List provides.

Several years ago, Angie’s List began awarding the service providers on the list with a Super Service Award if they maintain superior service ratings and reviews on their site. We’ve received this award every year since 2009. These awards should be about to come out for 2014 so we’ll see if we are going to add another little gold-and-green seal to our Angie’s List entry!

Today, browsing through Angie’s List, I found another reason her company is our friend. She wrote a blog discussing the dangers of disturbing paint on houses built before 1978. This is the year that lead was banned from household paint. If your house was built before 1978, then it probably has layers of lead-based paint under the colors you’re looking at. This may not be a problem as newer layers of paint tend to seal in the lead in the older layers. When it becomes a problem is when you have renovations or construction work of any kind done in your home.

You can read Angie’s blog post on lead paints here.

There are very exact procedures that must be followed when construction will be done in an older home. The EPA has a valuable website that may be of interest to you if you live in or own one of these homes. You can find out all about lead and what precautions must be followed to do work in your home here. Any time your paint is disturbed, strict procedures must be followed to prevent contamination of the rest of your home.

On the web page noted above, you’ll see that the EPA offers to certify contractors who complete their training and meet their requirements. My installation team has received this training and received their certification quite some time ago. We know what to do when we go to an older home to keep it clean and safe.

It was interesting to note, when I was looking at the EPA site tonight, that one of the national chains of home improvement stores was recently fined half a million dollars for failing to ensure that the contractors they provide their customers with have this certification in place. You can be confident that my team is well trained, up to date and will follow the correct procedures exactly.

So you see, Angie is a friend on three counts – by providing our potential customers with hundreds of reviews from our past customers, by recognizing us with a Super Service Award and by helping people understand that lead paint must be dealt with in a precise manner. We can return the favor by continuing to provide excellent service to our customers.