Florida Weather and the Farmer’s Almanac

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Have you ever read the Farmer’s Almanac? This is a book that predicts weather patterns for the whole upcoming year. This book is published annually and has served as a guide to planting and harvesting for farmers since 1818. The company that publishes this guide says that their methods of predicting weather are top secret but in recent years, they have incorporated modern resources like 30-year national temperature averages and a study of recent weather patterns into their calculations. For late December, the Almanac predicts cold, blustery...

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When You Say “Clear as Glass,” What Does that Mean?

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When we think of window glass, we think of something that is invisible. But invisible is not always the best solution for windows. In fact, many people want or need glass that is anything but clear. That’s why there are many different kinds of glass offered in our hurricane replacement windows. I’ll discuss those in a moment. First, a word about shatter-resistance and the gas that fills the space between the glass in double-paned windows. I’ve talked before about how the glass in the windows we offer is treated to make it strong,...

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Weatherwise, My Favorite Times of Year is Coming Up

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When my friends from out of state say they are coming to Florida, very often they want to come during the summer. After all, that’s when the kids are out of school and they are planning summer vacation trips. If they have not been to Florida before, they are sometimes surprised when I tell them not to come! If our visitors are not accustomed to our heat and humidity, it can be very hard on them physically. Trying to visit our major theme parks during the summer – well, I’ve always avoided it but I imagine it must be brutal,...

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The Brands We are Proud to Offer for the Protection of Your Home

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In these blog posts, I’ve mostly talked about PGT Industries and their PremierVue and WinGuard hurricane replacement windows. The fact is, we have relationships with many manufacturers with fine products that add to the security of your home when one of our famous Florida storms rolls along. We are proud of all the products we install and have ensured that each one is a great value and will offer you many years of protection. Here’s some information about each company. PGT Industries: Located just a little south of us, PGT...

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Angie’s List is Our Friend for Multiple Reasons

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If you’ve been reading these blogs, then you may have seen me mention Angie’s List before. Angie’s List goes to great lengths to be impartial but they have wound up being one of our best supporters. If you look at our listing on Angie’s List, you’ll see that we maintain an “A” rating with her site. We also have 180 reviews of our service. Imagine how much work it would take to call around and get 180 people to tell you if they liked our work – it would be impossible! This is the great service that...

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The 2014 Hurricane Season – Review

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Well, Florida has dodged the hurricane bullet one more time. Not one hurricane made landfall in Florida this season. It’s been nine years since we had severe hurricanes hit us, but of course, some areas have not been as lucky, like New Jersey and New York’s damage from Hurricane Sandy a couple of years ago. We’ve had stretches of five years before where we didn’t have any severe storms but this is the longest hurricane “drought” since 1851. The last storm to batter the state was Hurricane Wilma that struck...

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More about the Glass in our Hurricane Replacement Windows

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Last week, I told you a little about the glass in the windows we install for those who want the best in hurricane and storm protection. Of course, once you get storm protection, you also get protection from intrusion and thermal changes along with it. This week, I thought I would give you a little more information about the glass. I mentioned that the glass used in our recommended PGT Industries windows is thicker than average and that it goes through a three-step treatment to make it stronger, less likely to break and unlikely to harm anyone...

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The Glass – A Critical Component in Your New Hurricane Replacement Windows

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When you decide to get new windows to protect your home from the fury of Florida’s storms, you probably already realize that the glass is an essential component of your protection. Every part of these windows must be specially strong to hold up to high winds and driven water, but the glass is especially critical. We usually think of glass as being fragile and easy to break, but this glass holds up to the impact of a 2 x 4 board fired from a cannon. This is the test required for a hurricane replacement window to ensure it is strong enough...

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Upgrading Your Home Should Not be a Nightmare

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I’ve worked in the home improvement industry for many years. One of things I like least about this industry is that home renovations can practically tear the heart out of the homeowner. It really should not be this way but it is. Far too many homeowners have told me nightmare stories of their repairs, additions or renovations. These stories didn’t cause me to insist on quality employees, excellent training on our products and procedures and close monitoring of customer satisfaction. I do this because it’s the right way to do...

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Our Hurricane Replacement Windows Strengthen Your Home’s Envelope

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I’ve talked about your home’s envelope before but it bears a little more comment. After all, the envelope is what keeps the elements out and your comfort in. Just like it sounds, a home’s envelope is the outer shell, all the components that shield the living quarters from water, wind and temperature. Your roof, walls, windows and foundation make up your home’s envelope. I see a lot of homes that are not well-prepared for heavy weather. There could be old leaky windows or poor insulation. Roofs may be in poor repair....

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