The Tricky Part of Installing Hurricane Replacement Windows and Doors

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Do you ever watch home improvement television shows? If you have, you are aware of one of the guiding principles of home improvement: Anything can happen and usually does.I was watching a show where contractors and a family were renovating a 150-year-old home in the Boston area. Everything that could go wrong did. They had to fix strange holes in brickwork and some of the walls were rotten on the inside and had to be torn out. And then there was the electrical. They had to replace huge portions of the wiring that had been jerryrigged. Someone...

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Our Hard Work to Make Clear Choice and More Your Best Choice

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When we started this business, it was our dream to make our company your best choice for hurricane replacement windows and doors. We knew what this would mean. It means we have to choose our employees carefully and train them well. And because this industry constantly changes, it would also mean keeping them up to date on manufacturer training.When it came to sales, from our first day we adopted a pretty unusual philosophy for a window replacement company. We come in with product samples and educate you on the windows, the materials they are...

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The Nice Thing About Our Windows, Doors and Storm Coverings: The Possibilities are Just About Endless

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I am quite proud of our product offering. We've got such a range of hurricane and storm protection windows, doors and coverings that we can help a wide range of clientele.For a person who wants the best protection possible, we offer PGT Industries' PremierVue windows and sliding doors. Neuma swinging doors are great choices, too. We have installed these windows in so many Florida homes, condominiums and office buildings – in fact, chances are good that you've seen these windows without realizing it. You can see some of our installations on...

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It’s That Time of Year Again – the Peak Hurricane Period for Florida

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It seems like just a few months ago I was writing about this peak hurricane season but in fact, it's been a year. Yes, technically speaking, hurricane season started three months ago. But the bulk of Florida's worst storms arrive in September and October. If you have been considering investing in hurricane resistant windows, you definitely should not wait any longer. You should be calling us now to have us install your new impact resistant windows and doors before these late season storms roll in. This is doubly true if you live near or on the...

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The Last in the Series: We Sell our Superior Installation for Hurricane Replacement Windows, Too

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In the last two posts to this blog, I talked about the different aspects of what we sell. Sure, we sell windows, doors and window coverings. But we also sell our superior service. Many times, we have gone out of our way to make sure a customer gets just the result they are looking for – sometimes that person was not even a customer of ours, but bought their windows or doors from some other company. Because they never could get any satisfaction from their vendor, they found us and we were able to help.And we make sure that we sell the best...

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What We’re Selling When We Install Our Hurricane Replacement Windows

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Last week, I wrote a blog post about our service philosophy when we work with customers to install these windows. This week, I thought I would talk about the windows themselves.The alternate title for this post could be, "When is a Window Not a Window?" The answer is "When it is a solution to problems."As we have discussed in earlier posts, our windows and doors are solutions to many problems. The main one, of course, is hurricane damage. Wind and rain are going to have a very tough time making it through our storm resistant window and doors....

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We Could JUST Sell and Install Hurricane Replacement Windows – But We Choose to Do More

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When we started this business, we made some decisions about what kind of business we wanted to be. In the construction/home improvement industry, there are some practices that we just didn't want to be part of. We didn't want to ask potential customers to make up their minds before they fully understand the product. And unless you work in this industry or do some really thorough homework, it's going to be hard to fully grasp the many features of our superior hurricane replacement windows. We didn't want to pressure customers to make up their...

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Hurricane Replacement Windows Protect Against More than Just Storms!

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If you're reading this, I assume you are a Florida resident. Then you know exactly what we are up against in the summertime! Sure, a lot of people, especially in the Southwest and West have hotter summers if you count the degrees. And lots of places have summers that are just as humid. And in some parts of the South, summer lasts about as long. But then roll them all together and you get a Florida summer. So long, winter is but a distant dream. So wet, that the dash from the house to the car can soak you. And so hot that even the bugs beg for...

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What Does Sand in Africa Have to do With Your Need for Hurricane Windows?

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I was looking at some weather reports about weather across the Atlantic. You might know that most of the really bad storms in Florida originate across the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa. Those storms then cross the Atlantic, using the heat of the Atlantic to strengthen. When these storms hit the Southeast, they can be particularly destructive.When storms develop locally or in the Gulf of Mexico, they tend to be less destructive.Right now, there are high quantities of African sand being blown out over the ocean. When this has happened in the...

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If You Install Hurricane Replacement Windows, You’re Not Alone Any More

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The hurricane replacement window and door industry is not all that old. Our primary provider, PGT Industries in Venice, Florida, was founded in 1980. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, there was a lot more interest in hurricane-resistant windows and doors and the company expanded. But I would not exactly say that a lot of people knew about the benefits of these products. The word has slowly spread and now, it's a rapidly growing business.So much so that PGT Industries recently broke ground on a huge glass manufacturing plant in Venice. The new...

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